Teams caller identification

Teams caller identification

Always know in Microsoft Teams which of your company contacts is calling you

On your cell phone, it is now standard for you to see the name of the caller on the display if you have previously saved it in your contacts. This is also possible with Microsoft Teams if you have added the caller to your contacts or the Active Directory.

However, there are many different CRM systems and most of the contact data is often stored in these alone. This means that you only see the telephone number for calls and not the name of the contact. However, if you would also like to see the name of your company contact when you call, we have the perfect solution for you with Teams Caller Identification!


  • More personalized answering of calls
    You can address your company contact immediately by name.
  • Decide when to answer calls
    You prioritize whether you take the call or prefer to call you back at another time.
  • Direct access to all contacts
    Access all your company contacts from one central location without having to transfer them to your private address book first.
  • Work more efficiently with an affordable solution
    All the above functions from 6-time Microsoft Gold Partner NMS at one price.

With the help of Teams caller identification, you can manage your contacts more easily and immediately recognize who wants to contact you with every call. This allows you to greet your callers personally and provide them with a personalized service.

Connect Microsoft Teams telephony with your CRM system to make it even easier to contact your customers and business partners and organize all data centrally.

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Services from NMS

Rely on experts to set up and support your Teams caller identification. NMS is a 6-time Microsoft Gold Partner for Microsoft applications in the areas of:

  • Application Integration
  • Communications
  • Collaboration and Content
  • Cloud Platform

Cloud Productivity

We take care of the installation and customizations and are on hand to answer any questions and challenges you may have. For perfect connectivity and a more secure IT environment for your telephone system, we integrate the AudioCodes Session Border Controller for you.

✓ With us, you pay a monthly flat rate for the complete service of your booked package.

System requirements

Using telephony in Microsoft Teams with direct routing

  • Use of a Session Border Controller (SBC) from AudioCodes or use of the NMS Managed Telephony Service
  • Interface in CRM or other data source
  • If you wish, your data remains local
  • Support: If you need help, our support team is on hand to help you quickly and reliably.
  • Stay up-to-date: We regularly update your contact details for you.
  • Turnkey Solution: Transparent cost model – with us, you only pay a monthly flat rate for your chosen service.



Flat rate per licensed user: 5.20 euros per month
All prices listed are purely net prices in euros plus statutory VAT.

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