Microsoft 365 Workshop

Cloud & Microsoft 365 workshop

At NMS, we offer comprehensive workshops aimed at the successful implementation of Microsoft 365 in your business environment. Our workshops cover a wide range of topics, including the fundamentals of a modern cloud IT infrastructure, the concept of the modern workplace, the underlying IT strategy, and how to adopt, support and migrate to Microsoft 365.

Our workshops are designed to give you an in-depth understanding of cloud services, hybrid ways of working and, in particular, the entire Microsoft 365 universe.
We always take into account the specific requirements and goals of your company and integrate these into the workshop. Together, we discuss issues relating to working methods, technology, organization and data protection. The focus is on a holistic, hybrid cloud strategy and the technical possibilities, interfaces and functions that Microsoft and Office 365 offer.

After the initial workshop, we work with you on your future IT strategy and create a plan to review the technical requirements of your IT infrastructure for a successful implementation of Microsoft 365. In addition, we offer you a live demo environment of Microsoft 365 in which you can clarify all your questions and test the functions you would like to try out, with or without sample data. This demo environment is available to you for a full 90 days after our workshop.

In the course of our collaboration, we will provide you with specific recommendations for your change project and your individual change management strategy. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of Microsoft 365 in your company. With our workshops, you are ideally equipped for the implementation of a modern workplace.

Comprehensive workshop on implementing Microsoft 365: strategy, infrastructure and technical implementation

Our Microsoft 365 implementation workshops usually last several days and are divided into different modules.
All topics for the workshop are discussed with you in advance, individually coordinated and planned accordingly.

We usually start with the strategic IT direction and goals by assessing the current position, identifying their needs and goals and how we can achieve these with the Microsoft Cloud or AWS in conjunction with a “modern workspace”. We discuss different (cloud) strategies and migration methods and decide which services and security features you would like to use in the future.

In the second module, we present various cloud core infrastructure services, including identity management, mailing services, file services, client and device management, collaboration features, security features and cloud backup.

On a second day, we look at your current infrastructure, including the cloud services you already use, your current identity provider, data storage, personal data processing, mailing infrastructure, data synchronization, your current security concept and the software and licenses you use.

In the further course of the workshop, we design a cloud scenario, create a rough cloud concept, decide which services we want to use in the future and for what purpose, which licensing we need, which security features we want to use, how authentication should work and jointly create the basis for a future authorization concept.

In the following modules, we plan the technical implementation, create a project plan, plan shared resources and create a Microsoft 365 demo or test tenant.

In the sixth module, we focus on communication and training, develop decision-maker templates for presentation, training options for administrators and create a possible kick-off scenario for users.

In the last module, we discuss future support, the Hyper Care phase after implementation and the continuous development of your IT infrastructure and your Modern Workplace.

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