Endpoint security

Endpoint Security – comprehensive protection for your end devices

Cloud solutions are taking the strain off the digital infrastructure of many companies, especially in this era of ongoing digitalization. Accordingly, security issues are becoming increasingly important. Endpoint security is an integral part of a sensible and solid zero trust strategy.

What is endpoint security?

Endpoint security is a crucial factor for the security of companies that rely on digital technologies. Endpoint security describes the technology used to secure end devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The topic is becoming increasingly important as cyber criminals use ever more sophisticated and, above all, automated methods to attack companies in order to steal their data. Endpoint security technologies help to detect and prevent these attacks by protecting endpoints from viruses, malware and other threats. Security vulnerabilities are now being exploited very quickly. Cybercriminals often use AI techniques to automate attacks in order to increase their reach and, above all, their hit rate. Statistics have shown that a new CVE is sometimes exploited by automated scans and attacks within 45 minutes of it becoming known.

An important aspect of endpoint security solutions is the use of encryption to ensure that data transferred between endpoints and networks is protected. Endpoint security solutions also include ransomware protection, application scanning, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS), rootkit detection and heuristic analysis of real-time processes.

Another important consideration during implementation is the management and monitoring of endpoints. Endpoint management tools can be used to ensure that all endpoints are up to date (compliant) and have the necessary security patches and updates.

It is also important that organizations take a proactive stance on endpoint security by regularly training their employees on security best practices (awareness training). Employees should be reminded to use strong passwords, not to share confidential data on insecure networks and to report suspicious activity immediately.

Overall, endpoint security is a critical aspect of corporate security as cybercriminals continue to look for ways to exploit vulnerabilities in corporate security systems. With the right zero trust strategy, organizations can keep their infrastructure modern and well protected and ensure that data is truly secure. A proper endpoint solution is essential.

Why are endpoint security services important

Security, like the rest of the IT world, is undergoing a process of digitalization. The shift from traditional security to modern cloud security technologies has long since taken place and is essential.

Nowadays, the scope of the infrastructure to be protected is shifting strongly towards users. In the past, we protected our data center, kept the data on-premise centrally and therefore had to ensure that the connections to the “headquarters” and the central data center were secure. Today, data is often stored with public cloud providers such as Microsoft, Amazon or Google.

The logical conclusion is that the user can access the data in the cloud from anywhere in the world from a wide variety of end devices. In other words, it must be ensured that a) the user and b) of course the possible end device are secured.

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What components does an endpoint security solution consist of?


An endpoint security platform consists of many interlocking components. In addition to classic measures such as virus protection and client firewall solutions as well as user awareness training, a sound endpoint security solution is based on modern cloud functions, such as an exploit guard with attack surface reduction, smart screen policies, application control mechanisms, a credential guard, a networked security dashboard, ransomware protection, compliance guidelines and the detection of zero-day attacks using AI analysis.

Microsoft is one of the frontrunners among endpoint security providers. The great advantage of Microsoft is the extreme connection between all Microsoft 356 services via API.

Device management with the Microsoft Endpoint Manager


With Microsoft Endpoint Manager, you have a central management interface with which you can manage end devices sustainably. Endpoint Manager combines the topics of endpoint security, device and mobile device management as well as asset management, software distribution and updating and client deployment.

Microsoft Endpoint Manager also allows you to create preset configurations and deploy them centrally to end devices (Auto Pilot).

As an experienced specialist, NMS will be happy to assist you in setting up Microsoft Endpoint and Modern Workplace via Intune.

Comprehensive monitoring with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is a comprehensive endpoint security solution designed specifically for businesses. It provides robust protection against cyberattacks and malware on all endpoints connected to the corporate network.

One of the strengths of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is its integration with other Microsoft products such as Azure Active Directory, Intune and Microsoft 365, enabling seamless management and monitoring of endpoints and integration of endpoint security data with other security tools.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint uses a combination of machine learning and human expertise to detect and respond to threats in real time. It also has an advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) feature that enables rapid detection and investigation of security incidents.

Another strength of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is its platform flexibility. It can be used in different environments, including physical endpoints, virtual machines and cloud platforms as well as mobile devices. This makes it an ideal solution for companies that need to manage a variety of (different) endpoints.

By using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, organizations can save time and resources by not needing several different endpoint security solutions for different devices and platforms. Instead, they can use a single solution for all their endpoint security needs.

Features such as:

  • Microsoft Defender Application Guard
  • Microsoft Defender Credential Guard
  • Microsoft Defender Antivirus
  • Microsoft Defender SmartScreen
  • Microsoft Defender Exploit Guard
  • Microsoft Defender Security Center

offer a holistic endpoint security approach.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about endpoint security

Wie wird Microsoft Defender for Endpoint lizensiert?

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint wird, wie alle Microsoft 365 Services, in monatlichen oder jährlichen Subscriptions lizensiert. Die Lizenzpläne unterscheiden sich in durch den Feature bzw. Funktionsumfang. Im Detail prüfen wir gerne Ihren Need und bieten Ihnen den passenden Plan an.

Welche Unternehmen benötigen Endpoint Security?

Alle Unternehmen jeglicher Größe benötigen ein solides Endpoint Security Konzept.

Was für Maßnahmen gehören zur Endpoint Security?

Zur IT Security im Rahmen der Endpoint Security gehören neben Virenschutz, strengen Firewall-Regeln und hoher Passwortsicherheit ebenso Maßnahmen wie eine Data Loss Prevention, Device Management und SIEM.

How is Microsoft Defender for Endpoint licensed?

Like all Microsoft 365 services, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is licensed in monthly or annual subscriptions. The license plans differ in terms of features and functionality. We will be happy to check your needs in detail and offer you the right plan.

Which companies need endpoint security?

All companies of any size need a solid endpoint security concept.

What measures are part of endpoint security?

IT security in the context of endpoint security includes virus protection, strict firewall rules and high password security as well as measures such as data loss prevention, device management and SIEM.

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