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As your reliable partner, we are happy to support you in implementing optimal collaboration with Microsoft 365, without high operating costs. Enable your employees to work from anywhere – be it at customer meetings, at the airport gate, on the train or simply in the office. With our expertise in the implementation and integration of Microsoft 365 products, we ensure that mobile working is possible anytime, anywhere. Our solutions are convenient to use and compatible with a wide range of devices. Let us help you get the most out of Microsoft 365 and create an efficient working environment for your business.

Together for success: Professional IT support for your goals

Rely on us as your reliable partner for comprehensive IT support in the areas of (VoIP) telephony, cloud technologies, support, backup and the introduction of all applications relating to Microsoft 365 and Azure data centers.

In a jointly developed IT strategy, we help you to optimize your IT infrastructure, make it future-proof and achieve various goals such as increased efficiency, competitive advantage, risk reduction and better decision-making.

You decide which solutions are best suited to your company and which you would like to use in the future. Through a comprehensive analysis of your business structure, we can make informed decisions for deployment.

Microsoft 365: Flexible and mobile working made easy

Following the jointly developed IT strategy, we define a timetable for the deployment and identify potential obstacles at an early stage in order to remove them in good time. We optimally prepare your new IT environment and your existing infrastructure. On request, we can carry out a proof of concept with a selected group of users. We also offer you the option of an extended test phase for individual departments to ensure a smooth migration process. Finally, we train your staff to ensure a seamless transition.

With our professional support and planning, we help you achieve your IT goals and create an efficient working environment. Rely on our expertise and let’s walk the path to success together.

Learn more about the Microsoft 365 products and applications:

Here is an overview of the most important programs and tools included in the M365 Suite:


Discover Microsoft Teams – the intelligent communication platform for efficient collaboration. Whether chat, file exchange or group work on projects, Teams offers you everything you need for successful teamwork. Integrated Microsoft applications enable seamless workflows. Use the full potential of modern collaboration!

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Discover Microsoft Teams – the intelligent communication platform for efficient collaboration. Whether chat, file exchange or group work on projects, Teams offers you everything you need for successful teamwork. Integrated Microsoft applications enable seamless workflows. Use the full potential of modern collaboration!

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OneDrive for Business

Experience the benefits of OneDrive – your reliable platform for secure file storage and seamless file management. With OneDrive, you can access your files at any time, whether you’re at your desk or on the move. Easily share files with others and collaborate in real time. Maximize your productivity and experience the efficiency of OneDrive.

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Planner & MyToDo

for an organized way of working. With Planner, you can easily plan, assign and track projects and tasks. Keep track of personal tasks and to-do lists with MyToDo. Optimize your productivity, prioritize tasks and achieve your goals efficiently.

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Microsoft Exchange

Discover Exchange Online – the modern solution for reliable and secure email communication in the cloud. Exchange Online gives you access to first-class email services, calendar functions and contact management from anywhere and at any time. Enjoy smooth integration into your workflows, optimized collaboration and advanced security features. Boost your productivity with Exchange Online.

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Power Automate

Discover Power Automate – your reliable assistant for automating workflows. With Power Automate, you can automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks to work more efficiently. Easily create workflows, connect different applications and services and automate data transfers and notifications. Save time, reduce errors and maximize your productivity with Power Automate.

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Power BI

Experience the power of Power BI – your comprehensive business intelligence platform. With Power BI, you can visualize, analyze and transform your company data into meaningful reports and dashboards. Discover hidden insights, identify trends and make informed business decisions. Harness the power of Power BI to drive your business forward and gain data-driven insights.


Discover the comprehensive benefits of Microsoft Intune – your solution for modern device and application management. Manage your company devices and applications easily and securely via the cloud. With Intune, you have full control over your data and can organize mobile working efficiently. Learn more about the powerful features of Microsoft Intune and optimize your IT management.

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Your advantages by switching to Microsoft 365

Discover the benefits of Microsoft 365, the cloud-based solution for efficient working. Benefit from platform-independent flexibility and always up-to-date versions of Windows and Office. Decide for yourself whether your data should be stored in the cloud or hybrid on your own servers, always with strict data protection in accordance with German law. Use mobile-optimized apps for iOS and Android to access, edit and create new documents on the go. We are happy to support you in setting up OneDrive for Business and SharePoint to facilitate data exchange between employees. With Microsoft Teams, online meetings, chat and telephony, as well as Microsoft OneNote for convenient note-taking and Microsoft Viva as your company’s internal social media platform, you can improve collaboration within your company. Find out more about the versatile functions of Microsoft 365!

More than just standard

Maximize your productivity with Microsoft 365. The solutions we provide offer you an unsurpassed level of flexibility. In addition to the latest version of Microsoft Office, you get a professional mail system, a powerful file sharing solution and other useful tools. As an experienced partner, we are happy to support you with the seamless introduction and use of these services. Discover the comprehensive productivity solution of Microsoft 365 and increase the efficiency of your company.

NMS – your partner for the switch to Microsoft 365

NMS is happy to provide you with active support during implementation. Our services include, among other things:

  • Joint development of an IT strategy for implementation and product selection
  • Preparing your company for connection and planning the setup
  • Competent advice on product selection
  • Support with the selection of suitable license plans
  • Setting up the Microsoft 365 connection and synchronization
  • Training your internal administration or your employees
  • Implementation of additional services such as a hybrid solution with Exchange or a Cloud PBX connection
  • Migration of existing user data and emails to your new Microsoft 365 system
  • Support services and troubleshooting (during connection and also during operation)

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