Microsoft Power Automate

Power Automate: Automation at the heart of the digital transformation

In today’s business world, where efficiency and speed are critical, Power Automate offers a revolutionary way to automate workflows and optimize processes. As an integral part of the Microsoft platform, Power Automate enables companies to minimize repetitive tasks, leverage resources effectively and ultimately maximize business success. At NMS, we understand the importance of automation in today’s digital era. As your trusted partner, we will guide you through the implementation of Power Automate to ensure it is seamlessly integrated into your IT landscape and serves as a central pillar of your overall IT strategy. Together, we will set the course for future-proof and agile business development

Practical application examples: Power Automate in action

Power Automate offers a wide range of automation options that can be easily integrated into the company’s day-to-day operations and result in significant time savings. Some examples of this are

Invoice processing

Automate the entire workflow from capturing incoming invoices to approval and payment. This minimizes manual intervention, speeds up the process and reduces errors.

Customer service requests

Use automated workflows to categorize requests, route them to the right team and update the status in real time. This ensures a faster response time and improves the customer experience.

Report generation

Automatically collect data from various sources, generate reports and send them regularly to the relevant teams or managers.

Employee onboarding

Standardize and automate the process when new employees join the company – from setting up IT access to providing training materials.

Appointment coordination

Integrate automatic reminders and confirmations into your calendar applications to ensure that everyone involved is always informed and meetings run smoothly.

These examples illustrate the enormous potential of Power Automate. With NMS as your partner, you can take full advantage of these and many other automation options and make your company more efficient and future-oriented.

Automation simplified

With a clear focus on simplifying complex tasks, Power Automate enables companies to automate their processes in an intuitive way. “Low code” is at the heart of this transformation – an approach that allows users to create personalized solutions with just a few clicks.

Integration on a new level

The key to efficiency lies in the many connections and links to existing infrastructure and existing applications.
With this capability, Power Automate integrates tools such as Dynamics 365, SalesForce or SAP, and enables smooth communication and automation between the different platforms and applications.

The advantage of low code

“Low code” paves the way for a new era of process automation. Without the need for in-depth programming knowledge, organizations can increase their productivity by eliminating manual and repetitive tasks and increasing the precision and speed of process execution

Towards the future together: your partner for Power Automate

Digital transformation is advancing relentlessly, and tools like Microsoft Power Automate are leading the way. The impressive adaptability and innovative nature of Power Automate is revolutionizing how businesses operate today and in the future. With the combination of automation and the ease of use of low code, visionary, effective and scalable operations management becomes a tangible reality. As your partner, NMS stands by your side to seamlessly integrate this technology into your business and guide you on your path to a successful future.

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