Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure: your customized solution for intelligent applications and flexible cloud services

Microsoft Azure is a versatile cloud platform that adapts flexibly to your specific needs, budget and requirements. It enables the integration of various services, such as Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and Azure Backup, into your IT infrastructure, but also offers the option of integrating Windows, Linux or SQL Server, web applications or pure data storage. Azure can be used both completely in the cloud and in a hybrid configuration.

However, Azure goes far beyond the functions of a conventional cloud data center – it is an optimal platform for the development of intelligent applications.
With Azure, you can create data-driven, intelligent apps that enable new, scalable user experiences. Azure provides access to a wide range of data services and artificial intelligence, and also supports technologies such as deep learning, high-performance computing (HPC) and real-time analytics that you can use to process any amount and type of data. With Azure, you can combine the best of Microsoft products and services with open source data and AI innovations to create a solution that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Use the advantages of an Azure cloud data center

With Azure services operated in Microsoft’s data centers, you benefit from high availability, scalability and reliability while operating cost-effectively. Azure dynamically adjusts the scaling of your system and service requirements, resulting in more efficient use of resources and cost savings.

Worries about disaster recovery are a thing of the past, as these are included in the Azure service contract. It also removes the direct responsibility for hardware monitoring and maintenance. You can deploy new servers, virtual machines, services or applications within minutes. Integrity monitoring and load balancing are reliably performed by the service provider, Microsoft Azure.

Cost efficiency with Azure cloud data center

The initial setup of Microsoft Azure is free, which means cost savings right from the start of your cloud transition. In addition, Azure offers per-second billing for the use of its resources and services, so you only pay for what you actually use. This flexibility allows you to avoid allocating unnecessary server resources, reducing hardware and operating costs. In addition, long-term contractual commitments with Microsoft Azure are not necessary: contracts can be designed very flexibly, which enables further cost savings.

As a global company, Microsoft attaches great importance to environmental awareness and sustainability. All new data centers have an average Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) value of 1.125. This value is a third lower than the industry average of 1.7, which means that Microsoft data centers are more energy efficient. By using Azure, you are therefore also making a contribution to the environment.

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What benefits does the use of Microsoft Azure offer?


Azure offers companies the opportunity to flexibly design their IT infrastructure and services without having to build up additional hardware resources and expertise. They only pay for the performance they consume and can scale performance as required


Azure provides robust security measures that help strengthen an organization’s security posture without high cost and complexity. It enables companies to quickly identify new threats and protect themselves against them.

Cost efficiency

With the “pay-as-you-go” model, companies only pay for what they use. This reduces the initial investment and makes it possible to pay according to usage.


Azure enables companies to automatically scale their workloads as required and respond flexibly to new requirements from their business.

Global provider

Microsoft offers more global regions than any other cloud provider. This ensures broader coverage and improved business and data security.

Hybrid solutions

Azure offers seamless hybrid solutions, which means that organizations that want to use both on-premises and cloud resources can easily do so with Azure. This provides flexibility and control over the company’s IT environment.

Together we will answer your questions about Microsoft Azure

We will be happy to answer all these questions and more in a consultation:

  • How does my company benefit from Microsoft Azure?
  • Which Azure services can be used sensibly in my company?
  • What costs can I save with Azure and how?
  • Can I also switch to Azure with already booked industry applications (e.g. Microsoft EAS contracts)?
  • How is my company set up in the areas of backup and archiving?
  • What monitoring tools does the new platform offer me
  • How can I manage my resources in the Azure Cloud myself?

Take the leap to the cloud with Microsoft Azure

Our services cover all aspects that are crucial for the transition to Microsoft Azure. From preparing your business for the connection, to the strategic planning of the implementation, to the final integration into an Azure data center – we are at your side.

We work with you to evaluate which applications are best supported by the Azure data center and which can be used optimally in your company. We are your reliable partner when it comes to setting up user groups for the self-service portal. To ensure centralized management, we integrate your mobile device management with Microsoft Intune and also incorporate Azure Monitor.

To ensure that your team and administrators are well prepared for their day-to-day work even after the transition to Microsoft Azure, we offer project-related training and ongoing training courses. We will also be happy to explain how to use the Azure Security Center.

NMS is your trusted partner for IT system solutions and integrations. As a long-standing Microsoft partner in the area of server and cloud infrastructure as well as a Modern Work Partner, we are ideally equipped to help you with your cloud transformation.

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You wonder:

What are the benefits of using Microsoft Azure for my company?

How can Microsoft Azure contribute to the cost efficiency of my company?

What intelligent applications and services can I create and integrate with Microsoft Azure?

How does Microsoft Azure support the scalability and security of my company’s IT infrastructure?