Meeting rooms with Microsoft Teams

Meeting rooms with Microsoft Teams: optimization for the Modern Workplace

In today’s business world, transforming the workplace is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. NMS is your trusted partner for the implementation of Microsoft 365 in your company, as a central component of a future-oriented IT strategy. We design physical meeting rooms that emphasize and promote the Modern Workplace concept.

High-quality technologies for collaborative working

Our selection of top technologies, including Microsoft Surface Hub, Logitech or Yealink solutions, ensures that your meeting rooms are equipped for productive and efficient collaboration. These technologies are essential to fostering a seamless and collaborative working environment that meets the demands of the Modern Workplace.

Personalized strategies for your business

NMS offers customized IT strategies designed to meet the unique needs and goals of your business, including the design of physical meeting spaces. Our holistic solutions ensure not only the optimal integration of Microsoft 365 applications into your digital workflows, but also the effective adaptation of your physical meeting spaces to modern collaboration and communication requirements.

We focus on creating spaces that harmoniously combine technology and design to promote an inspiring and productive working environment. Through careful planning and implementation of personalized strategies, we ensure that your meeting spaces serve as powerful tools for innovation, collaboration and business success.

Comprehensive support and ongoing training

Benefit from our ongoing support and comprehensive training offerings to help your team get the most out of Microsoft Teams meeting rooms. Our targeted training courses and intuitive online learning platform will help your employees develop.

Trusted partner with proven expertise

With our Microsoft “Modern Work” certification and renowned references such as the company Freudenberg from Weinheim, we offer you a partnership based on trust, experience and proven expertise. Discover how NMS can help your company create a Modern Workplace through optimized meeting rooms with Microsoft Teams.

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The importance of high-quality meeting spaces for employees

In today’s modern business world, physical meeting spaces play a crucial role in fostering collaboration, innovation and employee satisfaction, especially through digital (remote) collaboration.
By providing well-designed and technologically advanced meeting spaces that are integrated with services such as Microsoft Teams, every organization is sending a strong message of employee appreciation and the desire to create an optimal working environment.

Such spaces are not just places to meet, but serve as catalysts for creative ideas and strategic planning. They help teams to work efficiently and productively across departments and geographical boundaries. The integration of modern technologies such as Microsoft Surface Hub, Logitech and Yealink enables a smooth, intuitive and adaptable experience that improves the employee experience and leads to increased morale and productivity.

In our carefully designed meeting rooms, employees find an environment that reflects and promotes the Modern Workplace mindset – a space that harmonizes technology and design to encourage inspiration and efficiency. By continually evolving and optimizing these spaces, NMS ensures that employees have access to the best tools and resources to succeed in the ever-changing business world.

A successful company needs the right Mission Control

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