Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams 

As a Microsoft Partner for Modern Work, we specialize in the introduction of Microsoft Teams in companies. Microsoft Teams is a holistic communication solution that combines messaging, VoIP and video conferencing in a single platform. It enables the formation of teams for joint projects and efficient communication within these teams. Microsoft Teams is ideal for internal and external communication within companies and is ideal for organizing courses.

The next level of corporate communication

Microsoft has a long history of providing communication solutions for businesses. From Microsoft Office Communicator to Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business, Microsoft has always provided innovative solutions for business communication. In 2017, Microsoft Teams was introduced, an evolution of Skype for Business, which is now available via Microsoft 365. This platform extends the functions of Skype for Business and also integrates functions from the Microsoft Classroom program, which enables the interactive design of lessons.

Efficient communication

Microsoft Teams offers a wide range of communication functions. In addition to VoIP calls with other Microsoft Teams users, the software also enables calls to the normal telephone network and the sending of messages. The ability to hold video conferences is particularly popular with users. Microsoft Teams facilitates collaboration across large distances.

Efficient teamwork

A central function of Microsoft Teams is to create and manage teams. Users can set up new teams and invite other people to join by sending a URL. Different communication channels can be set up within the team in order to separate different topics in terms of content. Microsoft Teams also enables the integration of media such as Facebook or Twitter and the sending of private messages to specific team members.

Application areas and benefits of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers numerous areas of application and benefits in the “Modern Workplace” area. It is often used for general information, events or invitations in companies. The data in the individual Teams channels can be edited in SharePoint or synchronized to the PC via OneDrive.

Microsoft Teams enables the integration of Microsoft and third-party applications to increase productivity and automate workflows with PowerAutomate. It is perfect for teamwork with Office 365 and enables the collaborative creation of text documents, spreadsheets and presentations including a digital whiteboard.

Microsoft Teams also offers a mobile app that enables a seamless connection between mobile devices and the PC. In addition, Microsoft Teams enables collaborative work on files, which significantly increases efficiency. Changes to files are displayed to all team members almost in real time, which makes collaboration much easier.

The future of teamwork

Microsoft Teams is not only a further development of Skype for Business, but also a platform that defines the future of teamwork and forms the basis of the “Modern Work” concept. With its ability to integrate different communication channels and enable efficient collaboration, Microsoft Teams is an indispensable tool for modern businesses. It enables seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 applications and provides a central platform for collaboration, regardless of time and place. With Microsoft Teams, companies can increase their productivity, improve communication and create a modern working environment.

Security and data protection

In today’s digital world, security and data protection are of paramount importance. Microsoft Teams provides a secure platform for communication and collaboration. All data transmitted in Microsoft Teams is protected by strong encryption technologies. In addition, Microsoft Teams offers advanced security features such as two-factor authentication and device management policies to ensure the security of your data.

The added value of Microsoft Teams for modern companies

As a Microsoft Partner for Modern Work, we specialize in the introduction of Microsoft Teams in companies. Microsoft Teams is a powerful and versatile platform for communication and collaboration in companies. With its wide range of features and seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 applications, Microsoft Teams is an indispensable tool for modern businesses. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, Microsoft Teams can help you increase your productivity, improve your communication and create a modern working environment.

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