Pull printing

Secure printing with pull printing, secure printing and offline secure release printing

Together with PrinterLogic, we at NMS Managed Printer Solutions offer a state-of-the-art, cloud-based printing solution. With our partnership, we provide you with three advanced and secure printing methods to take your printing needs into the future: Pull Printing, Secure Printing and Offline Secure Release Printing.

Pull Printing: The choice is yours

With our Pull Printing method, users have full control. Imagine you are in a meeting and want to print important documents to share with your team. With Pull Printing, you can start the print job from your laptop, but the document is not printed immediately. Instead, it remains securely stored on your workstation until you decide where and when you want to print it.

You may want to print it to a dedicated printer in your office that’s right next to your workstation, or you may prefer to print to a shared printer in a conference room. Thanks to pull printing, you have the freedom to retrieve and print your job when it suits you best. No more unnecessary printouts and your confidential documents are always protected.

Secure printing: protection for confidential print jobs

In a world where security is paramount, Secure Printing offers the ideal solution. Let’s say you have highly sensitive business documents that are only intended for selected people. Your administrator has configured certain printers in your office as secure devices. Now, when you print one of these confidential documents, you have full control over its release.

You can choose to withhold your print job or release it immediately. This choice is entirely up to you. The documents remain securely stored on the selected printer until you authenticate yourself on the device and release it. Imagine you’re on your way to an important meeting, but you’ve forgotten to print out the confidential documents. No problem! You can simply retrieve the documents from the secure printer when you arrive in the meeting room. Your business secrets are protected and you have full control over access to your confidential information.

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Offline Secure Release Printing: printing without restrictions

With Offline Secure Release Printing, you can manage your print jobs entirely according to your needs. You initiate the print job, then shut down your laptop or workstation and pick up the job later. Your documents are securely stored on your workstation and are additionally encrypted to ensure maximum security. NMS Cloud Printing ensures that you can retrieve your print jobs anytime, anywhere.

Your data is in safe hands with us

With all our printing methods, your print jobs are stored in a secure folder on your workstation that can only be accessed by administrators. Our advanced encryption technology ensures that your data is protected, whether you’re working online or offline.

Advanced features for seamless printing

NMS Cloud Printing enables offline secure release printing even over cloud networks, so you can pick up your documents anytime, anywhere, even if your workstation is on a different network to the target printer. This feature is particularly valuable in zero-trust environments where security is a top priority.

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