Dynamics 365 Marketing

Efficient marketing automation with Dynamics 365 Marketing Microsoft

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a tool for marketing automation from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 range of business applications. This business application not only increases the efficiency of lead generation, but also personalizes the entire customer journey.

By automating various marketing processes, you save resources in your sales department and create a personalized experience for customers at the same time. In addition, the easy-to-use platform combines essential marketing tools with your collected customer data.

This interface of lead-relevant data provides the basis for successful multi-channel campaigns – which you can track in real time on individually designed dashboards. Combine planning, implementation and analysis of marketing activities with Dynamic 365 Marketing Automation from Microsoft.

What Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing can do

Bundle marketing processes in one application and relieve your marketing team along the entire customer journey. Generate long-term leads with targeted functions:

  • Target group recognition: Dynamics 365 Marketing helps you to find the right prospects and thus increase the effectiveness of your marketing measures.
  • Exact segmentation: Divide your leads and contacts into defined target group segments with Dynamics Marketing to reach specific groups even more effectively.
  • Improved customer experience: Use A/B tests to efficiently identify opportunities to optimize your customer approach.
  • Multi-channel campaigns: Reach specific target groups via email, websites, events, SMS and other customized channels.
  • Automated newsletters: Increase sales with the integrated automation of email newsletter campaigns.
  • Interface for social media: Clearly schedule social media posts on a platform and set the automatic time of the post. Or import the leads generated by LinkedIn directly into Dynamics 365 Marketing.
  • Artificial intelligence: In addition to real-time analysis of customer data, you benefit from AI functions to convert insights into relevant measures. In combination with historical data, it also determines the best time window for each day of the week to send emails to leads and customers.
  • Event-based contact: With Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can set up email campaigns that automatically send notifications to customers when certain events occur in order to strengthen the relationship with them.
  • Graphic design: Create visually high-quality emails and landing pages simply by dragging and dropping. Integrate forms from marketing on websites to bypass interfaces and generate leads in the system directly in Dynamics Marketing.
  • Customizable customer data: Allow customers to set and change their personal data and preferences for newsletters on your own pages.
  • Simple surveys: Dynamics 365 Marketing helps you create surveys to determine customer needs and expectations.
  • GDPR compliance: Guarantee that your data collection complies with GDPR guidelines with double opt-in (DOI).
  • Event planning: Collect all event-relevant data in one place. From participants and tickets, logistics and stand construction to the venue and sponsors.
  • Marketing return on investment: Determine the effectiveness of marketing activities with the help of preset or customized dashboards.
  • Cross-departmental measures: Data collection and analysis facilitate cross-departmental work. Dynamics 365 Marketing signals hot leads, which it forwards directly to the sales team.
  • Measure customer potential: With lead scoring, you can create scoring systems to differentiate between marketing-qualified leads and sales-qualified leads. You use these criteria to decide when the automated campaigns for leads take place.
Create personalized customer journeys to strengthen customer loyalty in the long term. Certain triggers such as opening an email, visiting the website or filling out a form trigger the next step in your automated campaign – so you react directly to the customer’s need and pursue an effective strategy with lead nurturing. As CRM software, Dynamics 365 Marketing is the ideal solution for lead generation in companies.

Consolidate established customer relationships with a practical overview of current activities, past transactions and potential future sales opportunities.

The automated solution from Microsoft significantly simplifies marketing processes for you. At the same time, you can work efficiently with data for promising leads or evaluate existing customer values. The application works seamlessly with other Dynamics applications such as Dynamics 365 Sales or Dynamics 365 Customer Insight, as well as Microsoft Teams, so that you can enter and evaluate data across all software.



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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Dynamics 365 Marketing

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What is lead nurturing?

The term is derived from the English (to nurture) and describes the measures taken by companies to approach prospective customers at the right time with relevant information. The process can occur at any stage of the buying process. Dynamics 365 enables automated and personalized lead nurturing.

What is marketing automation?

Certain marketing tasks such as email marketing or social media posts run automatically. You create a plan and let the software automatically execute the tasks. In this way, it takes over the entire customer journey, from the first contact with the lead through to post-transaction support.

How much does Dynamics 365 Marketing cost?

The basic Dynamics 365 Marketing package is available from €1,265 per month per client. If you already use another qualified Dynamics 365 application, you can get started from just €632.50 per month per client. This includes 10,000 contacts, 100,000 interactions and 1,000 messages.

The final price is dependent on the desired number of contacts, interactions and additional instances, as well as the setup fee.

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