Microsoft Viva

Revolutionize your working environment with Microsoft Viva

At a time when the dynamics of the workplace are changing rapidly, NMS brings you Microsoft Viva, the advanced employee experience platform. Designed to drive employee engagement, learning and wellbeing, Viva is more than a technology solution.

It’s an initiative that helps employees and organizations grow and thrive together. Unleash the full potential of your organization with Viva’s transformative features, masterfully implemented and optimized by the expertise of NMS.

Viva Connections

Viva Connections is the gateway to a digital, integrated working environment in Microsoft Teams. It creates a centralized, shared space that connects employees with the content, experts and colleagues relevant to them. Drive employee engagement through personalized content, up-to-date company news and resources that help employees stay informed and engaged.

A new hire could be effortlessly integrated into the company culture through the use of Viva Connections by quickly gaining access to relevant resources and contacts, speeding up and improving the integration process.

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Viva Learning

Viva Learning consolidates learning resources into a central, easily accessible platform in Microsoft Teams. Continuous learning is supported and encouraged by providing a wide range of learning materials and courses, from microlearning units to comprehensive training programs.

A sales team could use Viva Learning to instantly access up-to-date training materials on new products or services, ensuring that the team is always well informed and up to date.

Viva Insights

Viva Insights provides personalized, data-driven insights that help improve work habits and promote personal wellbeing. It provides access to analytics that can be used to identify patterns in working practices and promote a balanced, efficient way of working.

Managers could use Viva Insights to schedule team meetings at times when employees are most productive, increasing team performance and satisfaction.

Viva Topics

Viva Topics uses AI to automatically organize knowledge within your organization and make it accessible. By automating knowledge management, information and experts become easier to find, improving efficiency and collaboration within the organization.

Project teams could use Viva Topics to quickly and efficiently access critical information needed to solve problems or develop innovative solutions, reducing project times and improving results.

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Microsoft Viva is more than just a platform; it is your partner for a thriving and more resilient work culture, adapted to the current challenges of the world of work. Viva stands for revolutionizing the world of work, where employees and companies can grow and succeed together through efficient, intelligent and humane technology solutions.

With Viva’s extensive, innovative features – from personalized connections, continuous learning and actionable insights to automated knowledge management – you are well equipped to create and maintain an optimal, productive and satisfying work environment.

NMS, as your experienced and competent partner, is here to help you get the most out of Microsoft Viva.
We offer tailored advice, effective implementation strategies and ongoing support to ensure that Viva is perfectly tailored to the individual needs and goals of your organization. Our goal is to work with you to achieve a successful transformation to a modern, agile and future-oriented organization.

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