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Operational support for your company

Rely on reliable support from your IT department for questions and problems.

As part of IT Operational Support (IT Ops), our employees support both your IT team and all other employees. They integrate themselves into the existing group in your company and fix problems, absorb peak loads or take over system administration.

This is one of our core competencies, which means that we can offer you a particularly high-quality and reliable service in this area.

Fast and competent help with problems

If the technology or systems in a company cause problems, this can have serious and far-reaching consequences. Failures in ITsometimes paralyze entire production processes and lead to considerable losses. The Operational Support helps you to rectify a problem as quickly as possible and restore functions.

To ensure efficient processing, Operational Support is divided into 3 areas

1st Level Support

If you have a problem with your IT, please contact our Help Desk first. This is first level support, where you will receive assistance as an end user. If the problem can be solved relatively quickly and easily, our team will help you by telephone or, if necessary, on site.

In addition, 1st level support serves as an IT service desk and is therefore the single point of contact. This means that if the problem cannot be solved immediately, our employees create a ticket with the relevant department. They then contact either 2nd Level Support or the manufacturer of the relevant hardware or software.

For you as a customer, this means that you only need to contact us once. Our competent service staff will take care of everything else.

2nd level support

If the 1st level can no longer handle a request itself for capacity reasons or if a higher technical qualification is required, it passes it on to 2nd level support.

This level employs particularly highly qualified employees who also have more time to solve your problems. If a solution is still not possible – for example due to a lack of access rights – the employees pass the ticket on to 3rd level support.

3rd level support

3rd Level Support deals with problems that require a specialist level of expertise or are classified as business-critical. As our 3rd level support team is often involved in change processes, its employees are as familiar as possible with the customer systems and can react quickly and flexibly in such cases.

Operational support: Prevent problems to ensure your business processes run smoothly

Although identifying problems (troubleshooting) and resolving them is the focus of our work, we offer you a range of services that eliminate many errors before they occur. This includes careful planning. That’s why we carefully review your plans during the proof of concept (POC) so that your IT department can implement the innovations without any problems.

An important tool for error prevention is, for example, the root cause analysis. Here, our support staff examine your entire system landscape in order to identify possible complications before they lead to problems. This prevents costly system failures in many cases.

Through efficient patch management, we always keep your software up to date and close security gaps. For frequently occurring service requests, we also look for solutions that your employees can easily implement themselves – for example through a self-service portal.

We also support you with everyday challenges with our IT support. For example, you can get help with a failed update, resolving faults after a system changeover or implementing apps and structures.

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Increase efficiency in your company thanks to our Operational Support

Our Operational Support also helps you with further developments of workflows, task automation such as user onboarding or by providing templates for MS Teams and PowerApps.

Save a lot of time and rely on the operational support of NMS when introducing modern technologies such as our Modern Workplaces concept. For example, we can help you to implement an “autodeployment process” in your company via Intune.

We provide you with a support and ticket system so that you can obtain an overview or report an error at any time.

Our IT supporters will also help you with license orders for Microsoft products, such as Office 365, Adobe software or telephony and its provision.

Availability, expertise, certifications: the foundations of our work

The availability of your system is a high priority in our work: solving IT problems or installing updates therefore often takes place during off-peak hours. For example, we carry this out late in the evening, at weekends or on public holidays, when your internal employees do not need to access the platform and system.

You also have the option of having us monitor and analyze your system landscape and infrastructure using monitoring according to selected criteria. This allows us to proactively initiate protective measures to prevent system failure.

Flexibility sets us apart: Our service teams take over the tasks exactly when you need our services.

To ensure that problems are solved quickly and reliably, our operational support staff have many years of experience in system administration – even in large and complex IT environments. Regular training ensures the quality of our services.

We are certified: As some problems require support from the hardware or software manufacturer in addition to the help of our 3rd level support staff, our team has all the necessary certifications.

As a 6-time Microsoft Gold Partner, we are MCSA and MCSE as well as ITIL and PRINCE certified. This ensures frictionless cooperation with the manufacturers.

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