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Microsoft Intune enables you to manage end devices with various rules and rule sets. This includes both provisioning and software distribution as well as various policies in the area of endpoint security.
Microsoft Intune, part of Endpoint Manager, is a Microsoft 365 cloud-based solution in the area of enterprise mobility and security… Intune is part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, the comprehensive platform for cloud-based endpoint management. In addition to the management of mobile devices, for which Intune has already been used for some time, the focus is also on the administration of apps and, above all, endpoint security.

The policies defined in your company can therefore be set as the standard for the use of applications and devices. Microsoft Intune supports you in implementing security policy control and automatically ensures compliance.

If no standards have yet been defined in your company, Intune also helps you to easily integrate so-called default rules, i.e. existing standard policies.


Protection and separation of private data and company data

With Microsoft Intune, you have many configuration options for your employees’ mobile devices in advance. This allows you to define what should happen to private data on a company cell phone or company data on a private cell phone after the employee leaves the company.

Microsoft AutoPilot: Powerful MDM solution in Endpoint Manager

Mobile Device Management in Intune allows data and apps on mobile devices to be classified, monitored and controlled. If a device is stolen or lost, you can also protect your company data from unauthorized access. This is because Microsoft’s Endpoint Manager has the function to locate or remotely wipe (reset) an endpoint device. To ensure that you are on the safe side and act in accordance with legal requirements, we support you directly from the basic setup with advice and assistance during implementation.

AutoPilot for Microsoft Intune offers you the following benefits, saving you even more time and money:


  • minimized administrative effort
  • replacing devices becomes child’s play
  • fewer manual activities
  • no more handover of devices for software configurations
  • Uniform installations/settings or standardization
  • Endpoint Security through rule sets for increased protection of your company data

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    Microsoft Intune and AutoPilot are suitable for Windows, Android, macOS and iOS operating systems.

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