Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint – your customized digital workplace

Microsoft SharePoint is a versatile tool that helps your organization store, share and manage data efficiently. Centralized data storage and sharing eliminates the need to send large file attachments, improving your digital communication. By sending links instead of file attachments, combined with customizable access permissions, SharePoint promotes a more secure and privacy-compliant work environment.

Organize your data with Microsoft SharePoint: Intranet, Extranet & Teams

Microsoft SharePoint allows you to structure your data on the intranet and generate an extranet at the same time. It is a powerful tool for promoting collaboration. Use features such as blogs, forums and news feeds to improve collaboration, similar to what you know from social media platforms. Your customers and partners can be integrated into the information exchange, making it easier to share knowledge and information.

The next level of corporate communication

Microsoft has a long history of providing communication solutions for businesses. From Microsoft Office Communicator to Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business, Microsoft has always provided innovative solutions for business communication. In 2017, Microsoft Teams was introduced, an evolution of Skype for Business, which is now available via Microsoft 365. This platform extends the functions of Skype for Business and also integrates functions from the Microsoft Classroom program, which enables the interactive design of lessons.

Effective document management: team website

With ready-made libraries for document management and team calendars for managing appointments and tasks, you can customize your team website in SharePoint. By customizing templates according to your ideas, SharePoint becomes a tailor-made tool for your company.

SharePoint is accessible from any device with a web browser, and there are mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phones. Flexible access to your data, whether via the internal network, the internet or a mobile app, promotes an efficient way of working.

Valuable functions of Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is known for its versatile functions. Automated workflows and notifications, advanced search functions and data loss prevention (DLP) technologies contribute to a more efficient and secure working environment. In addition, older, less used data can be archived via the in-site storage. Data storage is flexible and can take place internally, with a service partner or in the cloud.

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Your SharePoint partner for effective collaboration

Whether you already have a Microsoft SharePoint environment in your organization or are just starting to set it up, we’re here to support you. We can analyze your existing environment, identify areas for improvement and help you implement them. We can support you with data migration, connection and customization of WebApps in SharePoint Online. We also offer training for your employees to ensure that the use and administration of your SharePoint system runs smoothly.

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