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IT Service Desk – quick help with IT problems

IT problems are commonplace in many companies. Employees often lack the necessary expertise to identify and resolve the causes of error messages or difficulties. Professional technical support is therefore essential in order to get back to work quickly. To receive this support, users must contact the IT Service Desk.

The user helpdesk and 1st level support:

Your first point of contact, the service desk acts as the user helpdesk and 1st level support and is therefore the first point of contact for users. They can contact us in various ways, be it by phone, email or via the company’s own ticket system. Even a personal visit to the Service Center is possible.

IT Service Desk – your fast support in user support

Roles and objectives of the IT service desk

The Service Desk is responsible for receiving, categorizing and prioritizing requests. The employees working here are characterized not only by their extensive experience in advising customers, but also by their technical understanding and quick comprehension skills. These skills are crucial in order to quickly understand and categorize the problems described by users. They can either process the support requests themselves or forward them to the appropriate service employees in Operational Support.

This enables requests to be processed quickly. In addition, the Service Desk employees are able to identify particularly serious faults and assign them a high priority, but the overriding aim is to keep the number of problems escalated to other departments as low as possible. The Service Desk therefore strives to offer a first call resolution where possible. Thanks to their comprehensive specialist knowledge and an extensive knowledge database, the Service Desk employees are able to solve many problems themselves. This enables users to receive particularly fast and qualified help.

Troubleshooting at the Service Desk – rapid support for a wide range of problems

The type of problems for which the Service Desk is available to users is very diverse. They can be simple login problems, but also hardware defects or software damage. In all these cases, the Service Desk staff are on hand to rectify the errors.

Troubleshooting in the service desk

Problems often occur when a company carries out a rollout project, i.e. the implementation of a new operating system or another hardware or software solution. Such projects are often associated with considerable teething problems where errors need to be rectified quickly – this is where troubleshooting comes into play. It is advisable to coordinate such projects with the service desk from the outset.

If there is an ITIL in place that defines internal guidelines for such processes, the service desk staff will always follow them. ITIL is to be understood as a framework for best practices for an entire, process-planned IT structure.

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Individual support:
Wide range of support options at the service desk

The support options at the service desk are extremely diverse. Simple problems can often be solved by telephone support or by responding to a ticket request. Here, the user receives instructions so that they can take the appropriate measures to solve the problem themselves. For recurring problems, general instructions can also be provided.

The service can also be used as on-site support. A support employee then works directly in the company and is the contact person on site. This makes it possible to support employees directly at their workplace, analyze the system on site or even replace defective hardware.

With our 24/7 support, we are also available and ready for you on request around the clock, on public holidays and at weekends.

We consider the efficiency of the service desk to be an important factor in user satisfaction and therefore attach great importance to service quality and organization. Excellent support starts with the right tools: professional service desk software is just as much a matter of course for us as excellently trained employees. We offer you a professional service from the very first contact with the first level.

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