Server virtualization

Server virtualization

Server virtualization has been the basis for efficient server operation in data centers and company branches for several years now. The consolidation of services on virtualization hosts leads to easy-to-manage and cost-optimized operation. The high availability solutions integrated into the virtualization technology (e.g. VMware HA or Windows server virtualization with Microsoft Hyper-V cluster technology) enable you to achieve higher service availability.

In simple terms, virtualization generally refers to the emulation of actual, physical hardware components using software solutions. Physical interfaces such as network cards, memory or processors are emulated using virtualization software.

The hypervisor forms and manages the virtualization layer as the core component. In classic server virtualization, the hypervisor type 1 of the different systems plays the main role. This is characterized by the fact that it runs directly on the hardware level, without an additional operating system layer.

The current leading solutions for virtualization servers are:

  • Acropolis (AHV)
  • VMware vSphere
  • Microsoft Hyper-V

We are always happy to support you in planning and selecting the right virtualization system for your data center. We also work with you to develop the right data center design, perfectly tailored to your needs.

Even more efficient with hyper-converged systems

Hyper-converged systems offer increased efficiency and cost reduction. The combination of server virtualization and storage clusters on commodity servers (commercially available x86 server hardware) enables consolidated server operation both in individual branch offices and in data centers.

Advantages of server virtualization


Numerous advantages speak for server virtualization

Due to the numerous advantages that arise from the virtualization of servers, the trend is clearly moving away from classic network technology with physical servers and data centers. A static infrastructure is less flexible and much more complex to administer. You also have to purchase more hardware, which in turn generates higher costs during operation.

Server capacities must also be provided with a virtualized solution. However, you can expand these much more flexibly (if required) and use them much more efficiently for high availability thanks to the extended functionality provided by virtualization technologies.

This means that hardware that is not fully utilized during static operation is better utilized. As you achieve higher performance and have to purchase fewer physical devices, you save additional costs. The operating costs and administration costs are also lower.

Virtualized servers: Own data center or hosted data center?


You can operate virtualized servers both in your own data center and hosted. If you would like to outsource the administration, the hosted solution is a particularly convenient option, as you do not have to take care of the hardware yourself. You can expand capacities as required, which are billed monthly (depending on the plan). Unlike cloud hosting, your resources can be housed separately and are therefore not located in the cloud. Speziell im Hinblick auf Datenschutz und Zugriffrestriktion ist dies durchaus sinnvoll.

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The 10 biggest advantages of server virtualization

  1. Lower energy consumption

  2. Less space required for hardware

  3. Faster server provisioning

  4. Independence in terms of hardware

  5. Higher availability

  1. Accelerated data backup and recovery

  2. Possibility to continue running outdated applications

  3. Clean application isolation

  4. Less administration effort

  5. Cost reduction

Future technology virtualized servers

The advantages are clear: server virtualization is now the basis of every modern data center and will certainly be used more and more in the future. So build on the technology of the future, together with the professionals at New Media Service GmbH.

Services of New Media Service GmbH in the field of server virtualization

We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on virtualization or train your administrators accordingly. We can take a close look at your existing physical server system and work with you on a new optimized system. Our services include both the planning and implementation of a virtualized server environment.

Even if you are already operating a virtualized environment, we can provide you with help and advice. There may still be potential for improvement in your server system, which we will be happy to point out to you following an analysis and evaluation. The advantages of server virtualization increase the efficiency and user-friendliness of your server environment.

Bei uns sind Sie im Hinblick auf Servervirtualisierung bestens aufgehoben. Wir sind Microsoft Gold-Partner, autorisierter Nutanix-Partner sowie Professional Solution Provider von VMware mit Zertifizierungen im Bereich der Servervirtualisierung.

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