Microsoft Power Apps

The evolution of application development

In today’s dynamically evolving business environment, technology and business strategies are inextricably linked. Technology leaders are often the pioneers who pave the way for groundbreaking innovations. To take business processes to the next level and ensure maximum efficiency, Microsoft Power Apps should not be missing from your digital agenda.

This powerful tool offers companies the opportunity to optimize their operational processes and at the same time increase added value for their customers. NMS is at your side as an experienced system house. We have specialized in supporting companies in this area and ensuring the integration of Microsoft Power Apps as a further building block of your IT strategy.

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Simplicity and efficiency with low code

“Low code” represents more than a current trend; it symbolizes a paradigm shift in application development. With Microsoft Power Apps, the creation of individual applications becomes a reality through an intuitive “drag and drop” functionality that eliminates the need for complicated coding.


Versatile applicability on all platforms

A key advantage of Microsoft Power Apps is their universal applicability. Regardless of the platform – be it iOS, Android, Windows or MacOS – Power Apps enable a consistent and efficient user experience. This flexibility allows technology executives to manage their resources and applications seamlessly and effectively across different operating systems.

Automation for increased productivity

In the context of rapidly evolving digitalization, automation with Microsoft Power Apps holds the promise of increased productivity and efficiency. Technology leaders can now minimize repetitive tasks and deploy resources more effectively.

Personalized solutions for specific challenges

The wave of digitalization is forcing companies to pursue individual approaches. With Microsoft Power Apps, personalizing applications becomes a breeze, a key advantage to succeed in today’s competitive business environment.

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