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Maximize your company efficiency with our managed services

In the fast-paced world of information technology, seamless and functional IT management is not an option, it’s a necessity. Our Managed Services or IT as a Service at NMS represent the heart of a resilient, future-proof and adaptive IT strategy designed to empower and support your business in an ever-changing digital ecosystem.


Experience the benefits of managed services

Imagine driving a car that is never serviced. It’s only a matter of time before problems occur – the engine could overheat, the brakes could fail, or other critical issues could arise. It’s exactly the same with your IT infrastructure. Without continuous maintenance and management, failures can occur, disrupting the flow of your business processes and causing costly downtime.

Managed services work like a proactive, continuous maintenance service for your IT “vehicle”. The services shown here, such as IT Support or Service Desk, Cloud Backup and Password Manager are just a few examples of our comprehensive services. We naturally offer a wide range of other IT as a Service services tailored to the individual needs of your company, such as network management, data analysis, cybersecurity services and much more.

With services such as Mobile Device Management, which ensures the security and efficiency of your mobile devices, and Endpoint Protection, which ensures comprehensive protection of your endpoints against security threats, we not only keep your IT infrastructure up and running, but also continuously optimize it. Signature Services also ensure a professional and consistent email appearance, improving your company’s public image.

In partnership with us, you benefit from a wide range of expertise and services that ensure your IT is always up to date and running smoothly.

Customized Managed Services from NMS offer

Proactive management

Through continuous monitoring and the use of services such as endpoint protection and mobile device management, potential problems can be identified and rectified immediately. One example of this is an unauthorized attempt to access a company device, which is detected immediately. Appropriate protective measures are initiated as quickly as possible, often even before you realize that something is wrong.

Cost efficiency

By using our comprehensive range of managed services, from IT support to cloud backup, you can save money. For example, instead of investing in expensive internal resources, you only pay for the services you really need and use, such as continuous cloud backup to prevent data loss.

Access to expert knowledge

With a team of IT experts, you always have someone at your side. Example: If you have questions or problems in the area of password management, our team of experts is on hand to provide quick and competent support.

Focus on your core business

Our managed services allow you to focus on your business. Example: While the service desk takes care of technical requests, you and your team can pursue strategic initiatives to further develop your business.


Our services adapt to the growth and changing requirements of your company. Example: As your business expands, services such as Mobile Device Management or Cloud Backup can be easily adapted to handle a larger volume of data and devices.

By partnering with NMS for Managed Services, you not only get support, but a strategic partner who will play a key role in helping you achieve your business goals.

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