Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner 

Optimize project management and team organization with Microsoft Planner

Bring structure and efficiency to your projects with Microsoft Planner. Create teams, assign tasks and track projects in clear plans. Thanks to the intuitive drag & drop functionality, tasks can be easily sorted and organized in a project or plan.

Microsoft Planner gives your team members more transparency into the status of individual tasks and the entire project, even if they are not directly involved in a specific task. This reduces time-consuming coordination to a minimum. In addition, tasks can be worked on together and files can be shared efficiently.

For even more efficiency, Planner has an integrated conversation tool, so you don’t have to constantly switch between applications. And with the mobile applications from the Office 365 suite, you can work from anywhere, perfect for the modern, digital workplace.

As a Microsoft partner, we also offer support in configuring Microsoft Planner, including advanced features such as calendar synchronization and reporting. Our targeted training will help your administrators get the most out of this innovative tool.

Use Microsoft Planner as your digital Kanban board

With Microsoft Planner, you can easily implement agile methods in your company. Use it as your digital Kanban board and keep an eye on your tasks. Each task automatically appears in the columns “Not started”, “In progress” or “Done”, analogous to the classic Kanban categories “To do”, “Doing” and “Done”.

Take advantage of Planner: From color-coded tasks to the creation and management of subtasks, Planner offers all the features a digital Kanban board needs.

The connection with “MyTo Do” is that Microsoft Planner and MyTo Do are synchronized. This means that all tasks assigned in Planner automatically appear in the respective user’s to-do list.

We are your partner for Microsoft 365 and Planner

As a certified Microsoft partner, we have extensive knowledge of all Microsoft products and are happy to advise you in detail. We are at your side both with the implementation of Microsoft Planner in your company and with the optimization of your work processes.

Rely on transparency, efficiency and a modern way of working with Microsoft Planner. Arrange a free consultation with us now and discover how Microsoft Planner can revolutionize your project management!


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