IT due diligence report

IT due diligence report

An IT due diligence report is particularly necessary when acquiring or taking over a company, migrating one or more departments or during an audit. The report includes the disclosure and particularly careful examination of information with regard to a planned takeover or analysis of the IT system landscape. Technology-related areas of the company are examined and evaluated. Depending on the objective you are focusing on, the IT due diligence report will be tailored accordingly.

Contents and tasks of an IT due diligence report

An IT due diligence report starts by collecting all of a company’s IT costs, including its locations and associated companies or departments: The so-called CAPEX and OPEX – the CAPital EXpenditures are the capital expenditures and OPerational EXpenditures describe the ongoing operating expenditures.

The entire IT structure of the company is displayed graphically on request. An overview of the LAN/WAN infrastructure is created and the costs and current contracts for this are collected.

Servers and clients are inventoried, evaluated and, if necessary, displayed schematically. This procedure resembles an entire hardware and software inventory of the company. This naturally includes all printers, ERP systems, as well as purchased and licensed software and concluded framework agreements. A separate point is the recording of licensing.

The report also includes physical conditions on site, such as server rooms, time recording terminals, barcode systems and access control systems that are connected to IT.

IT security concepts are also recorded and analyzed: We look at your firewall, your email system, antivirus/spam systems as well as the mobile device management. Server lists and all access granted, such as domain admin accounts are also listed in the report.

Your company policies are also included in the report, as are existing framework and maintenance contracts. This includes any contracts for software, hardware, your telephone system, air conditioning systems, emergency power units and anything else that is under contract in the company. Contact persons for your business software are identified and listed; if no contact person has been defined, a person is determined together with you.

We provide you with an overview of current and upcoming IT projects, provide you with suggestions for improvements to your support and troubleshooting on request, identify business risks in connection with IT and draw up the necessary action plans for you.

Your backup concepts and plans are analyzed and, if necessary, compared with the legal requirements. From this, we derive the necessary “Actions to Take” and create an action plan.

With regard to ITIL we create a report on resolved/executed incidents, requests or changes that your team has already processed in the past. This allows you to better estimate the expected workload and plan staffing levels accordingly.

General questions on the private use of company equipment, mobile use of IT devices (Bitlocker), password guidelines, email distribution lists, virus scanners and workplace guidelines are answered as part of the report. Last but not least, a budget summary is included in the report.

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External service provider as support for creating an IT due diligence report

It makes more than sense to use an external service provider for the IT due diligence report. The circumstances are analyzed impartially and impartially and compiled in the report. The first step should be a comprehensive consultation about the individual contents of an IT due diligence report. This creates a common understanding of the benefits of the report. The level of detail of the report is tailored to your requirements and needs. After a personal assessment of the current situation at all locations, if necessary, responsibilities are defined to determine who provides which information for the report. The planning of the time horizon is of course also taken into account.

Before, during and after the creation of the report, a consultant will be available to you as a contact person. Once the report has been completed, the next steps towards IT transition can be planned and starting points for migration can be defined.

Systematic consideration and documentation of all IT matters is becoming increasingly important in the age of digitalization. The report looks at all technical aspects of your company, with all their risks, but also opportunities. In contrast to the financial Commercial Due Diligence Report, the IT Due Diligence Report deals with technological topics. It is up to you to decide which reports make the most sense for you and can be used accordingly.

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As companies grow in size, the complexity and quantity of existing IT processes also increases. You should therefore act as early as possible in order to recognize risks and opportunities soon and be able to react to them. We work with you to determine which areas you would like to focus on in the report and then take care of the data collection for the report, the analysis and the development of further steps and plans.

We will be happy to discuss whether and in what form an IT due diligence report makes sense for you in a personal meeting. We tailor the report specifically to your needs and apply more than just a standardized checklist with our comprehensive expertise.

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