5  SfB – Skype for Business Hybrid

SfB – Skype for Business Hybrid

by | 20. November 2023 | IT-Glossary-EN

Skype for Business, or SfB for short, from Microsoft is a well-known tool for online telephony, video conferencing and instant messaging (chat). The modern workplace is digital, people work on the move and from different locations. However, holding joint (also international) meetings is no problem, as people are constantly connected to each other via the Internet or the company’s own network. Thanks to technical possibilities such as screen sharing of all kinds of screen content, e.g. presentations or conference telephony, it is almost as if you were sitting together at the table. A message in a Skype chat is enough for a brief exchange of information. Tools such as SfB should not be missing from any workplace these days, as they increase efficiency immensely. The software is part of the Office 365 solution, but can also be installed individually in-house with its full range of functions.

You can benefit from all these functions with Skype:

  • Online meetings
  • Screen sharing / screen transmissions
  • Video conferences
  • Live broadcasting
  • Classic telephony
  • Live chat functionality
  • Send URL appointment invitations (guest participation via Skype or telephone)
  • Whiteboard function for drawing or drafting ideas or shared content

    Skype for Business as a hybrid solution

    Once you have decided to use Skype for Business, you should think about how you want to use the product. You can either run the software on premises, i.e. in your own network environment, via Office 365, i.e. online, or use a combination of both variants as a hybrid. We are happy to offer our consulting services to help you evaluate what makes the most sense for your company.

    Advantages of the Skype for Business hybrid solution

    The hybrid solution offers the advantages of both worlds, the classic on premises environment and Microsoft’s modern approach from the cloud world. The advantages and disadvantages of the individual variants vary depending on the area of application and number of users in your company. For example, some companies decide to offer their employees all the new features of the Office 365 world, but want to retain control of individual telephone calls locally within the company. The hybrid solution is ideal for this.

    For the users themselves, it makes no difference where the backend is hosted. They can take part in meetings without any problems, even if they access the Skype platform via different servers. You still have the upper hand when it comes to important topics such as access management, data protection measures, network configurations, etc., regardless of whether you use the online version, the on premises solution or the hybrid solution.

    Skype für Unternehmen in Office 365

    Skype offers even more advantages: 

    • Easily collaborate from anywhere
    • Cost transparency: you only pay for the functions you need.
    • Direct number application online, within a few hours or takeover of a SIP trunk
    • Easy setup and administration
    • better team integration
    • automatic feature enhancement (always up-to-date) by the manufacturer, without downtime
    • higher SLAs
    • secure and central administration
    • No hardware and energy costs for the backend


    Anyone who has worked with Skype before Business or Lync in the past knows the effort involved in installing and implementing an environment, setting it up, maintaining it and making it available to users. With the solution offered in Office 365 – or O365 for short – you have the opportunity to provide your employees with a fully functional environment within a few hours, including phone number assignment.

    New Media Service GmbH offers these services in the PoC area

    Are you still undecided about which solution to choose? Would you like to migrate an existing environment? Or do you have general questions about Skype for Business? New Media Service is a Microsoft certified partner and therefore particularly qualified for consulting and implementation. We work with you to plan an optimal solution and then implement it professionally. To ensure that your environment remains stable and always accessible, we take care of a generously equipped infrastructure and a secure connection to the cloud.

    Of course, you can also rely on us for configuration.

    Get the best out of this innovative software product and provide your employees with a valuable work tool. With Skype in use, you can increase efficiency and save costs at the same time. Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation.

    If you would like to find out more, simply contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. We will be happy to provide you with information on this topic and, if required, take care of implementation and realization for you.