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by | 20. November 2023 | IT-Glossary-EN

Both onboarding and offboarding are important aspects of HR management in an organization to ensure that employees are effectively inducted into their roles and bid farewell in a respectful and structured manner. This contributes to employee satisfaction and supports the efficient management of staff.


This process refers to the integration of new employees into the company. It includes the provision of information, training and resources to prepare employees for their new tasks and introduce them to the corporate culture.


This process refers to dealing with employees who leave the company. It involves handling separations in a structured way to return company resources, handing over tasks and ensuring a smooth transition for the departing employee.

On-/Offboarding in companies

Offboarding refers to the process when an employee leaves the company, whether by resignation, retirement or for other reasons. The aim of offboarding is to manage the separation between the employee and the company in an orderly and professional manner.
This includes returning company property, processing salary payments, removing access rights to company systems, handing over tasks to other employees and, in some cases, exit interviews to obtain feedback from the departing employee. Properly executed offboarding can help preserve the relationship between the former employee and the company and avoid potential legal issues.

Onboarding refers to the process of introducing and integrating new employees into an organization.
The goal of onboarding is to welcome new employees, familiarize them with company policies, cultures and processes, and provide them with the necessary resources and training to be successful in their new positions.
This process can take weeks or even months, depending on the complexity of the position and the company culture.

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