5  MDM / BYOD – Mobile Device Management & Bring Your Own Device

MDM / BYOD – Mobile Device Management & Bring Your Own Device

by | 20. November 2023 | IT-Glossary-EN

The trend of switching from desktop computers to portable devices has now more than established itself. Work is no longer just done on a computer, employees also work from their own laptops, tablets or smartphones. Mobility is one of the most important attributes of modern technology. As the number of devices per employee increases, so do the demands on your company and the responsibility in terms of security.

We would be happy to advise you on mobile device management and the implementation of Microsoft Intune in your company.

Why MDM?

There are numerous reasons for introducing Mobile Device Management (MDM). An MDM system enables the issuing of policies (company guidelines), both for company-owned mobile devices, such as laptops and company cell phones, as well as for your employees’ personal devices (BYOD: bring your own device).
All devices can be inventoried in the network and privacy policies for mobile devices set up and adjusted. This allows you to specify which activities, apps and devices you allow in your network and which you do not.

Configure user groups

Policy, certificate, WLAN/VPN profile and application assignments can be bundled as profiles and conveniently configured via user groups. We will be happy to help you set up these settings. As soon as these profiles have been implemented in your Mobile Device Management, devices can be issued to your users even faster, as the configuration is now virtually automated. If desired, your users can even carry out the device provisioning themselves.

Advantages of mobile device management

  1. Even if your employees have to give up some freedoms, mobile device management also has advantages for them. For example, you can provide your users with their own app store, where they can download internal company apps or applications specifically intended for employees. Find out more about the topic here: MAM (Mobile Application Management)
2. if a device is lost or falls into the wrong hands, the MDM offers the option of “wiping” a device via remote maintenance. Alternatively, the password can be reset or the data encrypted. This ensures that unauthorized persons do not gain access to your company’s data. The deletion of company data should also not be overlooked when an employee leaves the company.
3. an MDM also makes work easier for your support team. The system makes it easier to check devices and rectify errors via remote maintenance . It is also easy to assign applications to individual users or user groups. In some cases, users can even rectify errors themselves; a Self Service Portal can be introduced for this purpose. We will of course be happy to help you set this up.

Implement mobile device management

Together with you, we can carry out a risk and benefit analysis to show you the problems of a missing mobile device management system. The inventory of all devices in the network not only gives you new opportunities to create reports and maintain an overview. By defining guidelines, you secure your company in terms of data protection and can react quickly to device loss in an emergency.

If you would like to find out more, simply contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. We will be happy to provide you with information on this topic and, if required, take care of implementation and realization for you.