5  EMS – Enterprise Mobility & Security

EMS – Enterprise Mobility & Security

by | 20. November 2023 | IT-Glossary-EN

The abbreviation EMS stands for Enterprise Mobility and Security. This is a concept from the software manufacturer Microsoft that organizes access to a company’s resources with mobile devices and makes it secure. For companies that use Microsoft systems, EMS therefore represents an important service for the design of the IT infrastructure.

Identify identities in the cloud with EMS

Cloud systems are characterized by high efficiency and excellent user-friendliness. They enable access to apps and other company resources from any location. This makes it easier to work in a modern working environment and also promotes cooperation between employees. Before an employee can access cloud services, it is necessary to clearly identify them. If this is not done, unauthorized access is possible, which can cause serious damage. EMS therefore includes a concept for determining identities within the cloud. This is an important prerequisite for a high level of security in this area. In addition, EMS makes access very easy for employees, so they don’t waste time constantly having to repeat their password.

User-oriented security through enterprise mobility and security

The reliable creation of identities is the first step in ensuring user-oriented security . The Microsoft system is also well equipped for this. EMS – Enterprise Mobility & Security ensures secure authentication and enables individual rights to be assigned.
You can precisely track the use of company data and protect it efficiently at any location – even if it is already on an employee’s personal device . In addition, the system makes it possible to detect suspicious behavior and other anomalies and initiate appropriate countermeasures.

EMS – more productivity through mobile apps

Mobile apps make many tasks much easier. In this way, they contribute to a high level of efficiency. One example of this is the Office365 apps, which numerous companies are already using. There are also Workday, Concur, Salesforce and many more..

In addition, there are apps that have been individually created for specific tasks in your company. With EMS, you give your employees easy access to these programs. At the same time, you control their use and ensure the protection of your company data. Read more information about MDM & MAM – Mobile Device & Application Management here.

Effective measures for data protection

As already described, the protection of company data is one of the central aspects of EMS. To this end, it is possible to classify documents either automatically or manually so that only authorized groups of people can access them.
You also have a complete overview of who is using your data at all times. The transmission of data via the network also represents a major security risk. This is why EMS enables secure encryption.

EMS: Consulting and implementation by New Media Service GmbH

As an official Microsoft partner, New Media Service GmbH has numerous specialists who know Enterprise Mobility + Security down to the smallest detail. If you are interested in EMS, we offer you comprehensive advice to clarify all open questions. We will also be happy to implement the project and set up the system according to your requirements.

If you would like to find out more, simply contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. We will be happy to provide you with information on this topic and, if required, take over the implementation and realization for you.