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Pull Printing

by | 20. November 2023 | IT-Glossary-EN

Setting up print servers or using network printers has many advantages. For example, significantly fewer devices are required as employees can use the printers together. In addition,maintenance costs are significantly reduced. However, there are still companies that rely on workstation printers that are permanently connected to the PC. The reason for this is that with shared printers, employees often forget documents in the device. This not only causes unnecessary costs. It also means that the data contained in them can fall into the wrong hands. However, pull printing can compensate for these disadvantages and is therefore an interesting option for IP printers.

How does pull printing work?

When an employee prints a document via a standard print server or a network printer, the job is processed immediately. Delays only occur if there are already other documents in the queue. However, the office employee who ordered the print job often remains seated at their desk for the time being. They only pick up the printed documents later. However, this can lead to them forgetting the documents, leaving them in the printer. It is also possible for another employee to mix them up and take them away by mistake.
However, with pull printing it is necessary to initiate printing directly at the device. If one of the employees submits an order, it remains on hold for the time being. If they then want to pick up the documents, they must first identify themselves on the device. This can be done using a card reader or a smartphone app, for example. As soon as identification is complete, the device starts printing.

Pull printing increases data security in the company

Die ausgedruckten Dokumente enthalten häufig sensible Informationen, die nicht in falsche Hände gelangen sollten. Wenn ein Mitarbeiter diese an einem frei zugänglichen Drucker ausdruckt, birgt das daher ein gewisses Risiko. Beispielsweise können andere Angestellte, die nicht über die notwendigen Befugnisse verfügen, die Dokumente entwenden. Außerdem kann es vorkommen, dass Reinigungskräfte die Schriftstücke entsorgen, wenn sie im Drucker vergessen wurden. Dabei kümmern sie sich häufig nicht um eine sachgemäße Aktenvernichtung. Auch das kann zu einem Datendiebstahl führen. Das Pull Printing sorgt jedoch dafür, dass der Drucker erst mit der Arbeit beginnt, wenn ein autorisierter Mitarbeiter anwesend ist und die Dokumente sofort in Empfang nehmen kann. Das erhöht die Sicherheit erheblich.

Less money spent on unnecessarily printed documents

With a conventional printing infrastructure, employees often forget hundreds of documents in the printer every year. This leads to unnecessary costs. Pull printing can drastically reduce expenditure on unnecessarily printed documents. In combination with the default setting of 2-sided printing, a lot of paper is also saved. This system therefore contributes to an efficient way of working and saves resources.

Implement pull printing as part of cloud printing

With the NMS Printer Cloud New Media Service GmbH offers a simple and cost-effective solution for cloud printing . This creates a very efficient printing infrastructure. The Printer Cloud also offers the option of activating pull printing. This results in even lower costs and better data security.

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