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by | 20. November 2023 | IT-Glossary-EN

PrinterLogic streamlines the printing process, reduces IT complexity and lowers print infrastructure costs while improving usability and reliability. PrinterLogic is a printer management software that helps organizations manage their print infrastructure more efficiently.

How does Printerlogic work?

With PrinterLogic, IT administrators can centrally manage printers, allow users to add printers independently, enable direct printing from endpoints and improve print monitoring. The software reduces administrative overhead, increases printing efficiency and provides a more reliable printing environment.

How Printerlogic can support companies:

1. efficient printer management: PrinterLogic provides a central platform through which IT administrators can manage all printers in the organization. This makes it easy to configure, monitor and update printers.

2. user-friendly printer provisioning: Users can add or change printers independently via a user-friendly self-service interface without the need for IT support. This reduces administrative overhead and enables faster printer provisioning.

3. cost control: PrinterLogic helps organizations control printing costs by providing the ability to implement printing policies and direct printing to more cost-effective devices.

4. monitoring and reporting: PrinterLogic enables real-time monitoring of print activity and provides detailed reports to keep track of the print environment.

5. enhanced security: PrinterLogic provides features to secure print environments, including secure sharing options and authentication methods.

6. mobile printing: Users can easily access printers from mobile devices, increasing productivity.

These services are offered by New Media Service GmbH in the Printerlogic area

New Media Service GmbH offers comprehensive assistance with the implementation of Printerlogic. It helps to set up a suitable Printerlogic environment and, if necessary, works together with the manufacturer of the corresponding software solution.

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