5  PoC – Proof of Concept

PoC – Proof of Concept

by | 20. November 2023 | IT-Glossary-EN

Proof of Concept (PoC) – creation of a feasibility study

A proof of concept is a review of the feasibility of a project. It helps to make decisions about the implementation of a project and avoid bad investments. This article explains exactly what a proof of concept is and in which cases it should be used.

“Proof of concept” explained briefly and simply:

New systems can significantly increase the efficiency of work in a company and thus boost profits. Once a new idea has emerged, it is necessary to create a precise concept and start planning. However, the problem often arises that it is not clear at the beginning whether it can be implemented at all. In some cases, it turns out after some time that this is not possible, either for technical or economic reasons. The more advanced the planning is at this point, the greater the misinvestment. For this reason, it makes sense to create a proof of concept as early as possible.

This is a feasibility study. In the IT sector, this often goes hand in hand with the creation of a prototype. As part of the proof of concept, this is installed and connected to the various interfaces. In this way, it can be quickly determined whether the project in question is even possible. This reduces the risks for decision-makers and also validates the requirements for the new system. The PoC also helps to estimate the effort required to integrate the new system.

When should a proof of concept be carried out?

Bei der Entwicklung einer neuen Unternehmenssoftware ist es in vielen Fällen sinnvoll, einen Proof of Concept durchzuführen. Wann dies der Fall ist, hängt von mehreren Faktoren ab. Zum einen ist es wichtig, die Komplexität des Systems zu berücksichtigen. Wenn eine neue Software relativ autonom abläuft, ist die Machbarkeitsstudie von etwas geringerer Bedeutung. Wenn sie jedoch über verschiedene Schnittstellen mit bereits bestehenden Systemen interagiert, ist ein Proof of Concept unverzichtbar. In diesem Fall sind die Anforderungen so komplex, dass es ohne einen intensiven Test kaum möglich ist, abzusehen, ob das Projekt durchführbar ist. Auch wenn das Programm hohe Anforderungen an die Hardware oder an die Netzwerke stellt, ist es sinnvoll, zu überprüfen, ob die Voraussetzungen erfüllt sind.

Dabei ist auch die Wahl des richtigen Zeitpunkts von großer Bedeutung. Auf der einen Seite ist es notwendig, dass die Planungen bereits so weit fortgeschritten sind, dass die Anforderungen an das System und die Strategie für die Umsetzung bekannt sind. Auf der anderen Seite sollte die Machbarkeitsstudie erfolgen, bevor größere Investitionen in die Entwicklung der neuen Systeme vorgenommen wurden. Auf diese Weise lassen sich größere Fehlinvestitionen verhindern.

PoC: an example from practice

As the previous explanations were all quite theoretical, they will now be underpinned by a practical example. It concerns the introduction of a new service for data backup. The company has data storage at several locations. It wants to store the data on a central backup server overnight or at the weekend. For such a system to work, it is necessary that the information can be transferred in the time available.

This depends on the bandwidth of the company network. As part of the proof of concept, it is therefore necessary to determine the data volumes that are normally generated at the relevant locations. A test run must then be carried out to check whether the bandwidth is sufficient for transmission in the allotted time.

New Media Service GmbH offers these services in the PoC area

As part of the proof of concept, New Media Service GmbH offers comprehensive support in carrying out this test. It helps to set up a suitable PoC environment and, if necessary, works together with the manufacturer of the corresponding software solution. In addition, it trains a Subject Matter Expert (SME).

This is an employee who takes over further support within the company and is available as a contact person. In addition, New Media Service GmbH carries out independent tests of individual products and provides users with assistance in their selection.

If you would like to find out more, simply contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. We will be happy to provide you with information on this topic and, if required, take care of implementation and realization for you.