5  IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service

by | 20. November 2023 | IT-Glossary-EN

What exactly is IaaS?

As the name suggests, IaaS infrastructure is offered as a service . This means that the provider makes computing capacity/storage available via the internet, which can be used immediately by the customer. The infrastructure is located in the cloud, so to speak. Physical servers and entire data centers are outsourced. Customers are only billed for what they use. This can be scaled relatively flexibly, depending on requirements. The administration of the hardware also lies with the provider and does not have to be operated by the company.

What are the advantages of infrastructure as a service?

As some of the physical components are outsourced, the costs for hardware, administration and maintenance are of course also eliminated. In addition, more space is created and can therefore be used for other purposes. Redundancy is created by purchasing additional capacity, which can also be adjusted as required (for example for projects or when staff numbers increase). This creates unprecedented flexibility!

An improved reliability is created by the providers’ extremely large data centers, which would be very expensive in an in-house data center. The stability and reliability are also increased accordingly.

Depending on the provider, security mechanisms are also offered, which may have to be purchased but offer a high level of security for your data .

Other advantages include flexibility and scalability: if, for example, larger computing capacities are required for a project at short notice, these can be purchased flexibly. When the project ends, the capacities are simply scaled down again. Or if high performance is required for big data analyses, IaaS can also be used here. The appropriate processing power is purchased temporarily and is therefore more economical than procuring the necessary hardware permanently.

Do you already have a use case for Infrastructure as a Service?

Are you simply interested in the topic? Or do you already have such a service in place? Our team of IT specialists in the field of cloud computing will of course be happy to advise you! Regardless of whether you are already familiar with the subject or are simply interested in how your company could potentially benefit from a cloud-based service. As a Microsoft Gold Partner we have not only built up extensive knowledge in this area, but also work closely with Microsoft.

In addition to our comprehensive consulting services, we are also happy to support you in selecting the right service model and subsequently with the transition and implementation. Even during ongoing operations, we can act as an interface to the service provider for you or continue to be at your side in an advisory capacity. Simply get in touch with us! We look forward to hearing from you contact us.