5  Hyper Converged Systems

Hyper Converged Systems

by | 20. November 2023 | IT-Glossary-EN

Hyper converged is the term for an IT infrastructure that combines all components in one system: Processors, memory, network and virtualization. In German, this is sometimes also referred to as a hyper-converged system.

Hyper Converged Systems: the principles of this technology

The basic idea behind Hyper Converged Systems is the strong>bundling of physical hardware, the separation of the hardware and software layer, the hypervisor and the storage component within a system. The storage creates a virtual SAN layer. The gain in flexibility and scalability is enormous. A Hyper Converged System is usually managed by a centralized management environment.

Companies benefit from the systems, among other things, through maximum gains in flexibility. If, for example, a new location is developed, it is usually sufficient to add any number of additional nodes to the overall system. In contrast to a classic structure, deploying additional nodes is much simpler.

Hyper Converged Systems are a further development of Converged Systems. The difference here relates to the storage component. Converged systems often use network storage such as SANs. Hyper Converged Systems, however, also integrate the storage into the system. This means that the hard disks or SSDs are directly connected to the corresponding node.

The hypervisor must therefore also manage the storage space and make it available to all servers and applications according to their requirements.

What advantages do Hyper Converged Systems offer?

Hyper Converged Systems are characterized by the fact that they are easily scalable. If an increase in computing power is required, it is relatively easy to add new modules. However, the basic system remains the same. This IT architecture is therefore very well suited to companies with rapid growth and it is necessary to make optimum use of resources in order to ensure agile processing of tasks.

With separate systems, however, it is difficult to move workloads across the entire IT infrastructure. However, since Hyper Converged Systems combine all physical components into one central system, it is easy to allocate resources accordingly.

Support in setting up Hyper Converged Systems

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