5  DBMS – Database Management System

DBMS – Database Management System

by | 20. November 2023 | IT-Glossary-EN

A DBMS (Database Management System) is software designed to organize, store, manage and retrieve data in a database. It provides an interface between users or applications and the database to facilitate access to the data and ensure the integrity, security and efficiency of the database.

What does a DBMS do?

A DBMS allows users to organize data in tabular form, with each table consisting of rows and columns. It provides functions for creating, modifying and deleting tables as well as adding, updating and deleting data records. In addition, the DBMS allows users to perform complex queries to retrieve specific information from the database. It also offers functions for backing up and restoring data to prevent data loss.

It enables the management of user access rights to ensure data security and prevent unauthorized access. It also offers functions for optimizing database performance in order to execute queries more efficiently and minimize response times.

How DBMS can support companies:

1. efficient data management: A DBMS enables companies to organize, store and retrieve data efficiently. This facilitates the management of large amounts of data, which is crucial in many business areas.

2. data integrity and consistency: DBMS provides mechanisms to enforce data integrity and consistency by ensuring that data is stored in accordance with defined rules and relationships. This helps to minimize errors and inconsistencies

Overall, a DBMS facilitates the management of databases by providing a structured and organized environment in which data can be efficiently stored, retrieved and managed. It is an essential tool for companies and organizations that need to process and access large amounts of data.


DBMS: an example from practice

A DBMS such as MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle can be used in this example to efficiently store, organize and retrieve the data. It also facilitates the management of integrity rules, security and data consistency in the e-commerce application.

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