5  Azure MFA – Multi-Factor Authentication & Conditional Access

Azure MFA – Multi-Factor Authentication & Conditional Access

by | 20. November 2023 | IT-Glossary-EN

Microsoft Azure is a highly scalable cloud platform that provides your company with a wide range of services – from virtual machines and individual applications to complete servers. MFA ensures a high level of security when using these services. This article explains what this abbreviation stands for.

What is MFA?

MFA stands for Multi-Factor Authentication (German: Multi-Faktor-Authentifizierung). This is a security system that makes unauthorized access significantly more difficult. If a company uses a cloud service, this means that employees can access the corresponding services via the internet. However, there is always the possibility that unauthorized persons will attempt to gain access in this way. The traditional way to prevent this is for users to enter a username and password. They are only granted access if the entries are correct.

However, this form of authentication is causing more and more problems. Hackers are constantly finding new ways of finding out a user’s password and logging into the account in this way. To counteract this, Microsoft offers the option of using MFA when using Azure.

Several factors are used for this authentication system: One option is to request a value that only the relevant user can know. As before, this is usually a password. However, this alone is not sufficient for authentication. There is also another factor. This can be, for example, an object that the authorized user has and that only they can access. A smartphone is a good example of this. Another option is to use biometric data, such as a fingerprint. The combination of different authentication methods significantly increases security

Why do we need MFA?

Microsoft Azure offers companies the opportunity to store important data. However, this is a popular target for industrial espionage. If a competitor can access the data, this often results in losses running into millions. Good security is therefore essential. MFA makes unauthorized access significantly more difficult and therefore helps to ward off such attacks.

MFA and Conditional Access

Which device / user may access which resources on a time-controlled basis? MFA is not the only way to make unauthorized access more difficult. Microsoft also offers the option of combining this technology with Conditional Access. This means that the company can set certain specifications for access. It is very popular, for example, to control the devices.

It is possible to enable access only if it is an authorized company device. The company can specify exactly what steps should be taken if a visitor attempts to log in using a different device. It is also possible to set specific requirements for access from different regions or define individual risk factors.

Offers from New Media Service GmbH for MFA

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