Customized Software Solutions for forward-thinking companies on Microsoft

Customized software solutions for future-oriented companies


In the ever-changing business world, customized software solutions are not only desirable, but often essential for success. As an experienced IT service provider, we understand the nuances and requirements of different industries and offer customized solutions that are tailored to the exact needs of your business. By connecting all applications and processes in your organization and creating effective workflows, we enable a holistic IT strategy that drives growth and innovation.


More than just code: Our comprehensive expertise


Our expertise goes far beyond just coding. With a particular focus on Microsoft technologies, we offer customized programming solutions in all common programming languages. From Python to Java, C# or the Power Platform – our team of experts collectively bring decades of experience in their respective fields. This enables us not only to use technology effectively, but also to find innovative approaches that support your business goals.

From development to integration: we ensure consistency!


A well-developed piece of software is only as good as its integration into the existing system. That’s why our focus is on ensuring that all applications and processes in your company work in harmony with each other. Whether it’s automating sales processes through a customized CRM or ERP solution or creating a web application that improves your customer service, we have the know-how. And while we provide technical solutions, our approach always remains customer-centric, with close and flexible collaboration to ensure our solutions are a real fit.

From idea to success: our project highlights


Every project tells a story. A particularly impressive example of our work is the precious metal customer and trading platform developed for Ratior AG. Our solution enabled Ratior to offer its customers an intuitive platform on which they can buy and sell precious metals with ease and which is seamlessly connected to the CRM/ERP system at Ratior.
And this is just one of many projects where we have delivered real business results. A video testimonial of this project shows the satisfaction and trust our customers have in us.

Technology and trust: Our priorities in software development


The technology industry is evolving rapidly and we are proud to be at the forefront. With cutting-edge tools like AzureDevOps and GitHub, we ensure our development processes are agile and up to date. But technology alone is not enough. We place great importance on ethical standards, especially when it comes to security and data protection. Our customers can trust that we always adhere to the highest standards.

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